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MoneyWorks Gold

MoneyWorks Gold

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MoneyWorks Gold

Description:Fully integrated small business accounting system.

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Operating System:MacOS
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Author / Developer:Developer website
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Need all the bells and whistles? MoneyWorks Gold has all the features of MoneyWorks Express plus cost center accounting, multi-currency, job costing, advanced inventory management and much more – all in one place and all fully integrated.

Core accounting

Integrated cashbook, general ledger, receivables and payables.

Departmental accounting

Powerful subledger capabilities, allowing departmental/cost centre reporting and budgeting.


Send and receive invoices or payments in any currency.

Order entry

Enter quotes, sales orders and purchase orders and manage deposits, backorders and shipping.

Enhanced items/products

Store product images and barcodes, manage multiple pricing and discounts.

Inventory and bills of material

Manage inventory and manufacturing. Track serial and/or batch numbers across multiple warehouse locations.

Job costing and time billing

Automatically collate time and disbursements for billing.

Custom report writer

Customise any of the supplied reports, or create your own.

Advanced security

Per-user privileges and general ledger security levels protect your vital accounting data.


Customise MoneyWorks or add your own features using the built-in scripting and window design system.

Enhanced integration

Integrate MoneyWorks with other key systems for streamlined workflow and greater productivity.


Extend the functionality of MoneyWorks to meet your special requirements.

Features common to all MoneyWorks products

All MoneyWorks product are built on a powerful, framework that includes the following:


Record payments and receipts and automatically track the GST.

General Ledger

Maintains details of your accounts for over 7 years.

Powerful on-screen enquiries

Easily view balances and trends for accounts, customer or item sales.

Flexible reporting

A library of over seventy standard reports.

Names database and contact management

Store customer and supplier names, addresses, phone numbers, email & web addresses.

Item pricing

Enter sales and purchases using account coding or item lookup with quantities and discounts.

sales tax tracking

MoneyWorks provides the best possible support for sales tax.

Sticky notes

All the better to remember you by.


Full budgeting for better control and decision making.

Multiple entities

Keep accounts for as many entities as you need.

Import/export & interoperability

Ensure interoperability with the other systems your business relies on.


Record information and prepare invoices/reports in almost any language.

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