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MoneyMoney for Mac 2.4.7


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MoneyMoney for Mac2.4.7

Description:German banking application.
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Operating System:MacOS
  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.9.0 or later
  • German bank account with FinTS/HBCI support
  • Downloaded:9,499 times
    Author / Developer:Developer website
    Paid • One-Time Purchase


    MoneyMoney is a banking application for keeping track of your German bank accounts and doing bank transfers within Germany. Interactive account statements and precise infographics show all your finances at a glance.

    Important: Currently only German bank accounts are fully supported (requires FinTS/HBCI with TAN method or a HBCI smartcard). PayPal balance and transactions import does work internationally.

    Note: Though the price is displayed in US dollars, the price of the application is €29.99.

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