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MixPad Professional 7.73 for Windows

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App Name

MixPad Professional

Description:Edit your audio files and create new, professional mixes
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Aug 18th, 2021


MixPad Professional is the perfect tool for creating your own mixes or editing any audio file thanks to its huge selection of features, making it possible to get really professional results.

This super comprehensive mixer is perfect for any kind of user no matter his or her needs. With this app, you can do the simplest edits, like noise reduction, cutting tracks, or sound editing in specific sections, as well as more advanced edits, such as composing simple melodies with the built-in midi composer, choosing from various acoustic effects to personalize the sound to your liking, or using advanced equalizers to get the perfect sound for whatever you’re creating. MixPad Professional also doesn’t limit how many tracks you can work on at once, so the creative possiblities are practically endless.

MixPad Professional also offers tons of options when it comes to exporting your final project. You can convert your file to practically any audio format or burn it directly onto a CD.

Whether you’re creating a podcast, cutting a sample from your favorite song, or creating original, professional-quality content, MixPad Professional gives you all the tools you need for free.

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