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Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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Miro is a collaborative tool that lets you work remotely -yet, interactively- with the rest of the coworkers on your team. If you and your colleagues are currently in different locations and you need an option that lets you share, organize, and manage your ideas or projects, this option offers tons of features that make it easy to work together.

To create a virtual board, you just have to choose any one of the default templates or simply start with an empty board where you and your colleagues can add your ideas from scratch. One of the great things about using Miro is that you can break up into teams and add the right people to each group.

When it comes to working on the boards, all the members of the group are free to add all the information they consider necessary. You can add text, photos, insert figures, post-its, create calendars, mind maps, tables … basically, anything that will help you visualize your ideas, objectives, or relevant data for each space.

Download Miro and join your coworkers on your team projects regardless of where each person is physically located. Keep up with each and every change made and enjoy the efficient, convenient, and simple creation process. Share anything with your colleagues with just a click and continue working as if you were together in the same office.

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