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Description:Take notes from the menu bar.

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Operating System:MacOS
Downloaded: times
Author / Developer:Developer website
Free • Absolutely Free


MiniNote is quite simply the best notes app you will ever use. It has been engineered from the ground up to offer the fastest and most pleasurable note taking experience possible. Try it for a week and you’ll be hooked for life. The app lives in your Mac’s menubar and is always available at the click of a button. Use it to write down your thoughts and important pieces of information and be happy in the knowledge that your notes will be easily accessible when needed.


Beautiful pixel perfect design with retina support
Advanced dynamic search bar to quickly find the note you are looking for
Create and view favourites using the Star button.
Time stamps for each note you create
Share notes via Email, Facebook, Twitter and iMessage
Backup notes to a location you choose in RTF and TXT format
Anchor button to make the app visible above all other apps
Handy keyboard shortcuts:
Ctrl + N to open app
Cmd + Ctrl + N to create a new note
Cmd + R to anchor
Cmd + [ to go back to list view
Cmd + F to search whilst in list view
Cmd + , to enter the Settings panel
Cmd + P to Print notes
Cmd + X/C/V to Cut/Copy/Paste text respectively
Cmd + Z to undo
Cmd + Shift + Z to redo
Esc to hide window

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