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MidiEditor 3.3.2 for Windows

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Description:Open, edit, record and play MIDI files by connecting a virtual music instrument to your computer with this straightforward application
Version:MidiEditor 3.3.2
File name:MidiEditor-3.3.2-Setup.exe
File size:
10.3 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:October 23, 2021
Downloaded:2,118 times
Developer:Markus Schwenk


Since it allows multiple instruments to the played from a single control panel, MIDI has revolutionized the music industry.
As the name suggests,
enables you to edit the way virtual instruments are organized or create completely new tracks.
The interface is comprised of two sections, namely the event view and the velocity editor, both of which are clear, organized and designed with an appealing light blue theme.
Regardless of whether you load or create a new MIDI file, you should know that you can access all editing functions neatly displayed in the menu bar. In addition, the utility includes a toolbar from which you can access the most frequently used actions during editing.
Speaking of editing, the application displays a list of all tracks included in the loaded MIDI file. More exactly, you can preview the tracks’ names, numbers and colors, so you know what to rename, if you need to delete a track or whether certain channels need to be muted, for instance.
Similarly to the list of tracks, you can preview and mute, hide or activate the solo mode, making this mode the only audible element in the channel. Lastly, MidiEditor enables you to alter the beginning and ending of a track and thus, change the duration of an event.
As a musician, there are times when you need to listen to all or only a few instruments at a time. Not only does the app allow you to mute or hide channels and tracks, but it also enables you set the speed of the playback and include a metronome sound at each beat.
Since the utility enables you to mute channels, change the speed, enable or disable the metronome or determine the exact moment when the playing starts, the program can be quite helpful when composing a new track. On a side note, you need to connect a MIDI device to your computer to hear the tracks.
Incorporating a plethora of editing and creating functions and featuring a sleek interface, MidiEditor can be the tool you need to test out virtual instruments and create exciting new tracks.

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