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Microsoft Edge Canary for MAC

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Microsoft Edge Canary

Operating System:MacOS
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Microsoft Edge Canary is the most unstable version and the closest stage in the development of Microsoft Edge, as it incorporates the latest updates and changes each day. This version of the web browser is automatically compiled on a daily basis, integrating the latest features only a few hours after they have been introduced into the code by the developers. In fact, these features are sometimes incomplete, or there are only a few mentions in the code, so this is the ideal version to find out what the company is working on.

Microsoft Edge is available in four versions: Stable, Beta, Dev and Canary, ordered from most to least stable. This is why Microsoft Edge Canary is not the most recommended for day-to-day use, as it may have stability issues. But if you want to try out some of the latest features, then this version is the only option. If you want to wait, the Dev version is compiled once or twice a week and includes the new features of the previous versions, having been overseen by the developers.

Microsoft Edge Canary lets you browse as you normally would in the stable version of the browser, with the added bonus of having more features than the normal version. What’s more, this version can also be used to send feedback to Microsoft on the latest changes.

So, if you want to enjoy the latest Edge features on the same day they are introduced, download Microsoft Edge Canary now.

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