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Mi Control Center 18.1.5 for Android

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App Name

Mi Control Center

Description:Modify your control center to your heart’s desire
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 17th, 2021
Author:Treydev Inc


Mi Control Center is an app that lets you modify your Android smartphone’s control center to mimic the MIUI and iOS designs in a quick and easy way.

Setting up your smartphone to your liking is not always entirely possible since, by default, there are certain settings that are impossible to change. With Mi Control Center, however, you can adjust the features of your control center however you want, eliminating or adding as many as you need.

After installing Mi Control Center, you have to accept the requested permissions one by one. After that, whatever changes you’ve selected will be made automatically, including how fast your notifications arrive, the base color of your smartphone’s design, and the appearance of your icons, which can be changed to circles, squares, or gradients, among other possibilities. You can also send replies to your messages as soon as you see them or change your icons’ arrangement, fonts, and colors.

Mi Control Center is an excellent customization app that lets you radically change the default appearance and inner workings of your Android smartphone in a quick and easy way.

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