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Description:Media organizer and viewer.

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Operating System:MacOS
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MediaCentral turns your Mac into the ultimate home theater system. With support for numerous audio, video, IP TV, TV, IP Radio, Games and multimedia formats, MediaCentral brings it all together at the push of a button.

Powerful yet simple interface: MediaCentral includes a slick and intuitive interface that can be adapted to a variety of window sizes and controlled by numerous remote controls. Its functions make it the perfect entertainment application.

Online Content: equinux will deliver fresh content to your Mac. New movie trailers, wallpapers, radio and TV stations will keep your MediaCentral up to date. Depending on your preferred language, you’ll get updated with German or English content. Nicht schlecht, was?

Play while you work: MediaCentral supports three window sizes in addition to the full-screen mode. A menu bar and hot-keys have been integrated to make changing between the small, medium, large and full-screen modes even easier.

It’s all about you: Build your own media library with “My MediaCentral”. Just add your favorite pictures, songs, movies, flash games or animations and TV streams to give your digital theater a personal touch.

Serve locally – or use a network server: All your favorite media content can – of course – be stored directly on your Mac. You don’t have enough free space? No problem: Just go ahead and create a media repository on a network server and put an alias in your “My MediaCentral” folder that refers to the content. MediaCentral will recognize the aliases and play the files – wherever they are stored.

Media-licious!: MediaCentral is a truly multi-talented application: Enter any disc containing pictures, videos and music to have it automatically analyzed. The content will be displayed in the appropriate categories. Isn’t that intuitive?

Widen your perspective: TV shows are broadcasted in 4:3, movies feature 16:9 or even 20:9 – how can a single piece of software handle all this? Nevermind – simply choose the appropriate ratio for your current media.

MediaCentral fully localized Due to popular demand, the MediaCentral interface and menus have been localized in German and English.

Universally Ingenious: The latest version of MediaCentral is Universal and is fully compatible with the brand new Intel Macs. Be sure to download MediaCentral today.

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