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Mazes & More 2.6.3.RC-GP-Free(205) for Android

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App Name

Mazes & More

Description:Don’t get trapped in the maze
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:May 27th, 2021
Author:Leo De Sol Games


Mazes & More is a game similar to Maze Walk where you’ve got to run through a winding maze until you make it to the exit. You then move on to the next level and tick up points in your score box.

The main feature that makes this puzzle so fun is the huge variety of difficulty levels in which you can show off your skills. The game has modes that run from the classic, in which you simply have to find the exit, to the dark mode, where areas of the screen are hidden and make it harder to escape. You’ll also find an exciting timed mode where you have to go against the clock to find the way out.

If you want to have some fun finding your way out of mazes on your Android, Mazes & More is a game that will make you have fun and fight to try to beat your own best score in each round.

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