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Description:Create your scripts with this Delphi-based application that enables you to test your algorithms, learn and improve your programming skills
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53.7 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 64 bit
Updated on:July 22, 2021
Downloaded:6,269 times
Developer:Max Kleiner


is an educational tool for developers that can be used for teaching, developing and testing as well as for analyzing applications and algorithms. A built-in Pascal Script engine is available in the package.
The bundle has been designed mainly for educational purposes and it is filled with tutorials and snippets of information and examples to help progress with the study.
No installation s required to access the resources but extracting the archive content may take a while because of the large size.
The interface is quite simple, with the set of tools being displayed in the upper part of the screen, the largess area being reserved for code writing.
Straight from the start the console presents an example that can be illuminating of the capabilities of the application. If compilation of the code is initiated the results are shown in the shell and combine audio and visual elements.
maXbox sports capabilities that help with checking for syntax errors and learning the details of the script, which include the name, size of the final result or the CRC32 code.
Finding a particular command in the code can be done easily using the built-in search tool. It supports parameters for looking up or down the script, the start point or the scope of the operation.
The debug menu contains options that can show the last exceptions, the class, component and module reports.
Since maXbox purpose is to improve the skills of the developer there are plenty of resources available, from tutorials initiating you in the Object Pascal language to all sorts of code samples.
maXbox makes for a great starting point in Pascal Script. It contains plenty of resources not just to get you started but also to increase your knowledge.

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