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Mame Plus 0.159 for Windows

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Mame Plus

Description:How many MAME games can you play?
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Mar 9th, 2015


Mame Plus is an arcade machine emulator with which you’ll be able to play some of the most famous and fun games from the 90’s directly on your computer.

As usual, for it to work you’ll need the game’s ROMs, which are not included in this application but can be downloaded separately from several other websites. Make sure you only use open source ROMs, or you could get into trouble (best to remind you just in case).

Setting up Mame Plus is not that complicated, although it will take a few minutes. All you’ll have to do is select the folder on which your ROMs are saved, configure a few graphics and sound options, and choose the type of control you want to use (a stick control is ideal).

Mame Plus is a great emulator with which you’ll be able to enjoy some of the most glorious games of all times. Plus, it’s generally quite stable and performs well with just about any game.

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