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MAME 0.234 for Windows

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Description:An arcade machine emulator that easily recognizes over six thousand game ROM sets and enables you to emulate various video games
Version:MAME 0.234
File name:mame0234s.exe
File size:
132 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:July 28, 2021
Downloaded:49,405 times
Developer:The MAME Team


or the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator application intends to help you emulate an arcade machine on your computer. You can use it to amuse yourself or your friends with some classic arcade games used in video arcades from the 1970’s until the modern computer era.
In order to use the application you need a ROM image with the game data. Most of the game images that are available on the Internet cannot be used unless you also own the arcade machine or a license. Fortunately, the developers can provide you with a few
game ROMs
that can get you started and help you understand the interface.
The application can be run in command line mode in order to view the list of available commands and to enter the command arguments. This allows you to customize the display brightness, the input devices and the video options applied to the emulator.
If you have at least an installed game you can launch the application interface from the executable and play the game. The interface is very simple and allows you to select the game from the list or to customize the player controls before starting to play. You can also use the mouse to move the cursor in order to quickly navigate through the options.
The emulator replicates the arcade machines in great detail and allows you to change the display settings or the player controls. It is capable of capturing snapshots of the video games in order to save the funny or interesting moments.
Each game has specific requirements that are displayed when launching the application. However, it should accommodate any computer since they are designed to be used on machines with less processing power. In or tests, the program ran smoothly and required an insignificant amount of memory.
Overall, MAME is a good solution for the users that want to play a video arcade game without buying an entertainment machine.

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