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MagiCal 1.1r4 for MAC

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Description:Change the way the date and time appear on your toolbar
Operating System:MacOS
Added date:Aug 16th, 2010
Author:Charcoal Design


One of the ways to change the way the time and date appear on your Mac’s menu bar is by using MagiCal, a tool that lets you customize the look of both.

The time can be shown in either text or graphic form. In the first option, you can choose different colors, the type and size of the font, the style (bold, italics, condensed), the character that separates the minutes from the hour, and the format (HH:MM:SS). The graphic representation consists of a little clock icon to show the time. There are six different types.

The same is true for the date, which can be shown either in text format or with a small image. You’ll have four different options to choose from for the icon, with one of them being very similar to iCalc’s icon.

When you click on the time or the date, a calendar page of the current month will pop up. From there, you can access earlier or later months by clicking on the arrow buttons.

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