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Description:Creates HTML photo galleries with just a few clicks.

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Operating System:MacOS
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Author / Developer:Developer website
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maGalleryCreator create beautiful table based or responsive photo galleries in just a few clicks and seconds. Make use of the predefined templates or use them as a starting point and modify the properties at your needs.

Features you can expect:

Create responsive photo gallery pages with lightbox in a few seconds, based on predefined templates
Create slideshows without any line of code html, css or javascript, in just a few clicks. Of course, more advanced users can adapt the result to their needs and even integrate it into their own html web pages. A big profit, because images are also handled and optimized in one run.
Supports numerous IPTC meta data fields. For example IPTC data that was stored using Apple Photos for example can be read out and shown in your created gallery or slideshow. Supported IPTC data fields: Headline, Caption (Description), Caption Writer, Keywords, Subject Code, City, State/Province, Country, Credits, Copyright
Choose a template (‘Model’)
Choose the location (‘Destination’) where you want to store the files
Choose the images and in a few seconds the pages are ready to use
Create ‘table’ or ‘div’ based grids
Responive grids supported

For the more advanced user:

Numerous adjustable HTML properties
The color of the background layer of the lightbox is fully customizable
Resize/crop/frame photos
Store pictures as JPG, PNG, or GIF
Store your own settings in presets to easily integrate the produced pages/HTML code into your own webpages

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