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MacX MediaTrans 7.5 for MAC

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MacX MediaTrans

Description:Transfer your files the easy way on iOS
Operating System:MacOS
Added date:Sep 28th, 2021


Are you tired of running out of space on your iPhone or iPad because you hard drive is full of photos and videos? Now you’ll have an easy and simple way to save all your files on your machine and open up that precious disk space on your iOS device. With MacX MediaTrans you’ll get the chance to save all your multimedia content on your device, both images and videos as well as music. All you need to do is install the app, connect your iPhone or iPad to your desktop and automatically, MediaTrans will show you al the content that’s ready to transfer to your PC.

Also, MacX MediaTrans also lets you convert any video into more popular formats like AVI or MKV in order to play them effortlessly on your iOS device. That way, none of your videos will lose quality and you’ll be able to reduce the amount of space they take up by almost 50%. You’ll even have the option to import or export your videos in 4K or 1080p format.

When it comes to your music library, this program offers you the option to manage all your files from one place and in a super simple way including the possibility to create playlists that are totally customized for anything from going for a run or taking a nap, for example. Now you’ll be able to organize your favorite songs as easily as on your Mac operating system.

Another fairly useful feature in this tool is the function that allows you to use your iPhone as a secret USB jumpdrive so you can store documents privately like text files, spreadsheets, PDF documents or any other kind of confidential file. And all that without having to sync them up with official services from Apple like iTunes or iCloud.

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