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Machines at War 3 for Windows

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Machines at War 3

Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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Machines at War 3 is a real-time strategy and action game set in a world of perpetual warfare due to the kidnapping of well-known scientists from the Omicron Initiative, responsible for the development of a devastating new technology.

With this backstory, the game extends through a campaign of more than 20 missions in which you’ll have to traverse the globe in search of the disappeared scientists. Obviously, as is to be expected, you’ll come across more problems along the way than you initially thought.

Players have at their disposal more than 100 different units, among them infantry units, tanks, ATVs, planes, helicopters, battleships… all equipped to devastate the enemy.

During your missions you can participate in impressive battles where more than five thousand units will be involved simultaneously. In other words: authentic, large-scale wars where you can show off your tactical skills.

If the more than 20 missions in the main campaign aren’t enough for you, Machines at War 3 also includes a multiplayer mode where you can rub shoulders with your friends in intense pitched battles. In them you’ll have to prove who’s the most astute and fastest strategist.

Machines at War 3 is a highly entertaining real-time strategy game that leaves resource management a bit to the side to focus almost exclusively on management of armies and combat units.

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