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Lost Labyrinth DX for MAC

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Lost Labyrinth DX

Operating System:MacOS
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Lost Labyrinth DX is a traditional roguelike where you descend into the depths of a procedurally-generated dungeon with the goal of getting as far as you can… before your inevitable death. Similar to other popular coffeebreak roguelikes, these games last somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes. Maybe a little longer if you’re lucky.

As usual, before you start a new game, you can choose from hundreds of different skills to customize your hero. Each set of skills enables you to play in a new way by creating characters like archmages, barbarians, paladins, rogues, and more.

Once you’ve created your character, you can dive into the action. Unlike most other games in this genre, in Lost Labyrinth DX, you don’t gain experience by killing enemies but by advancing through levels, so sometimes it’s smarter to dodge enemies than to kill them. So the deeper you make it into the dungeon, the more your skills improve. And again, you’ll have hundreds of skills and spells at your disposal.

Lost Labyrinth DX is a super fun roguelike that lets you play quick rounds whenever you want. In addition, although the game has nice and modern graphics, you can also play a more traditional ASCII version that’s sure to delight purists.

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