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LootBoy 1.47.0 for Android

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Description:The LootBoy companion app
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Sep 3rd, 2021
Author:Lootboy GmbH


LootBoy is the official app of the popular webcomic with the same name. With this app, you can read this entertaining monthly comic and get loads of Lootpacks with exclusive digital content.

LootBoy has an intuitive interface that makes it really easy to use. All its content is organized into four sections. First, the Home section has Lootpacks available for purchase. The Comics section has -as you probably guessed- an extensive collection of Lootboy comics, and new comics every month, all available for free. All the cards you’ve already purchased are shown in the Inventory section, and the Diamonds section shows how many diamonds, the app’s currency, that you have.

Read webcomics and collect cards with hilarious pop culture references with the app LootBoy.

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