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LogTen Pilot Log

LogTen Pilot Log

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LogTen Pilot Log

Description:Professional logbook solution for pilots (was LogTen Pro Centurion).

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Operating System:MacOS
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Author / Developer:Developer website
Free • In-app purchases


LogTen (was LogTen Pro Centurion) is an international pilot logbook platform for all your Apple devices. It is the tool of choice for tens of thousands of pilots in nearly 200 countries, and every major airline. From glider pilots to Gulfstream pilots, and from Apache pilots to airline pilots, whether you’ve got 10 hours or 10,000, LogTen Pro is designed to be completely customizable for your type of flying, country, region or company so you can track exactly what you need.


Free while in training, or just try it out: no subscription required until you have more than 250 hours of total flight time
Import data from CSV and tab delimited text files – our fantastic support staff will help you make the transfer of data efficient and easy
Import airline schedules
Choose from over 100 built in reports or create your own custom reports
Configure your own Smart Groups to analyze your time in any way you want
Instantly edit large blocks of flights all at once
Apply specific times to selected ranges of flights (e.g., Select all the C172 flights and log dual received with one click)

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