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Logoist for Mac 4.2.1


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Logoist for Mac4.2.1

Description:Create stunning images and logos with effects.
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Operating System:MacOS
  • Intel 64
  • macOS 10.14.0 or later
  • Downloaded:34,743 times
    Author / Developer:Developer website
    Paid • One-Time Purchase


    With Logoist you can create impressive images and vector graphics – from simple layouts to sophisticated designs. Logoist offers everything you’ll need to make your creative ideas come to life or to spark new inspiration. Developed for both professional designers and graphic artists as well as beginners, Logoist provides not only a plethora of templates – ensuring an easy start for users without any prior experience with vector applications – but also offers powerful tools for professional users not found in other software.

    The app’s large variety of comprehensive shape, style, preset, clip art and effects galleries are easy to appreciate. With a clean interface and powerful tools, including pre-made design elements that can be combined as desired, Logoist offers incredible ease of use – even including versatile path editors useable to create any shape you want.

    Logoist is equipped with functionalities not available even in high priced suites. The Vectorizer converts any graphic element into a resolution-independent vector format for further editing, while preserving paths and even gradients. Logoist utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, allowing users not only to remove JPEG artifacts, image noise, and other image errors, but to also transform even the smallest and most pixelated graphics into high quality images.

    Need to view a graphic or logo draft in multiple variations? Then use Artboards to create multiple workspaces within one document. Not sure whether to go for the blue or the red version of a graphic? Logoist helps to compare them side by side. You can also align graphics for different purposes – create reduced versions for use in a letterhead, larger ones for posters, and detailed graphics for magazine covers.

    Need to create a quick draft? Simply use one of the template wizards which place you just a few steps away from finished cards, business cards, collages, and logos, which can then be further refined and edited. The “1-2-3 Logo” feature is another convenient tool, as it allows you to create completely different logo ideas for further editing or direct export with a single click.

    Logoist in a Nutshell:

    Clean user interface (including Dark Mode)
    Dozens of combinable styles, effects and filters
    Thousands of clip art and hundreds of fully customizable style templates
    Non-destructive boolean operations while preserving all vector information
    Suitable for pixel graphics, web, and resolution-independent print products
    X-ray mode for editing complex object and layer structures
    Pixel mode to create pixel-accurate designs
    Flexible group management and innovative layer management features
    All filters and effects are non-destructive and can be modified anytime
    Vectorizer: Converts any graphic element into a resolution-independent vector format
    Vector export file formats: PDF, SVG, EPS, PNG, JPG, HEIF, layered Photoshop PSDs, layers as separate PNG files
    Batch export: Export multiple formats and resolutions simultaneously

    Top new features of Logoist:

    Vastly improved User Interface
    Enhanced Dark Mode
    Vectorizer: Turn bitmaps into vector graphics – assisted by Machine Learning
    Enhance Images: Remove noise and compression artifacts – also ML-assisted
    Improved image cropping and background removal
    Complete new rendering pipeline based on Apple Metal for smooth zooming and editing
    Dramatically increased performance – edit thousands of objects in a single design at 60fps
    New Focus Mode: Edit a specific set of objects while hiding everything else
    Multiple Artboards: Keep drafts or different designs in a single document
    Multipoint Gradients: Create smooth gradients along arbitrary points, lines and curves
    Align text to any path or object
    Many new filters, generators, style presets and card presets
    Improved printing including support for multiple artboards

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