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Logitech Options for MAC

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Logitech Options

Operating System:MacOS
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Customize the settings of your Logitech devices and improve your productivity with Logitech Options. This program has an intuitive interface, so it only takes a few minutes to set up and optimize your hardware. It makes it easy to improve your Logitech mouse, keyboard, or touchpad.

Once you install Logitech Options, the program will recognize any Logitech devices connected to your computer. It even displays them on the screen, which makes finding your devices effortless.

After that, simply select the desired settings for each device in Logitech Options. For example, you could change the wheel speed and button functions of a mouse. When working with a keyboard, Logitech Options shows all its keys so you can change their function as needed.

On top of all that, Logitech Options sends alerts and notifications about the status of your devices. For example, the program will let you know if your mouse or keyboard needs to be charged or if a component has been damaged.

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