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Little Bookmark Box

Little Bookmark Box

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Little Bookmark Box

Description:Store and manage your bookmarks in smart boxes.

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Operating System:MacOS
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Author / Developer:Developer website


Little Bookmark Box lets you easily store and manage interesting links while surfing the Web. Whether you want to save links temporarily or keep them permanently, Little Bookmark Box will keep your bookmarks cleverly organized independent of your browser.

iCloud Sync.
Preview your bookmarked web pages using Quick Look, live.
Smart Boxes automatically group your bookmarks.
Send bookmarks to Instapaper, Pocket, or Pinboard, either automatically or manually.
Full support for tagging bookmarks i.e. adding, searching, sorting, filtering.
Import (html) and Export (html, csv) of bookmarks.
You can copy a shortened URL to the clipboard.
Several ways to add, access and search your bookmarks quickly.
Browser Extension and Bookmarklet available, to save a link with a single click.
Works unobtrusively, side by side with your browser.
You can sort bookmarks within each box differently.
Editable bookmarks (title, url, note and tags).
Lets you select, and remembers, the browser to open a bookmark.
Selectable bookmarks subtitle (note, date created, date last visited and more).
Full support for drag-and drop.

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