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Liten for Mac 10.6.2

Trine 2 free download for Mac

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Liten for Mac - review, screenshots

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Liten for Mac10.6.2

Description:Find and delete duplicate files.
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Operating System:MacOS
  • Intel 32
  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
  • Downloaded:1,962 times
    Author / Developer:


    …Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Simply, quickly and, with 100% accuracy, find duplicate files using a proprietary algorithm, that has been battled tested for years. You are presented with options to explore the results in Spotlight, Finder, or ultimately, to send them to the trash. Liten is simple, effective, and intuitive. Liten is also extremely safe. It never actually deletes any file, it only places them in the trash for a user to delete. This allows a user to test out whether they truly want to delete a set of duplicate files first.

    Want to know more? Watch our video on the support link and compare Liten’s simple effective workflow in action.

    Just one run of this tool on your Downloads directory, your ITunes folder, iPhoto directory, or spare hard drive directory could cover the cost of purchase.

    If you have questions, or would like to request features, please email me.

    Current Features:

    • A UI that needs no explanation unlike other needlessly complex tools!
    • Filter Search By KB, MB, or GB
    • Results come back immediately, you don’t need to wait for a scan to complete.
    • Intuitive and simple control click/right click workflow. No messy checkboxes to hassle with.
    • Sort results by byte size to find highest value files to delete.
    • You don’t need to read a 20 page manual to use it. There is no manual.
    • Most operations are tied to keyboard shortcuts.
    • Fanatical customer support. If you have a problem, it should be rare. I want to know about it, and will do my best to fix it.
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