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Linux Cluster Management Console 1.7.20 for Windows

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Linux Cluster Management Console

Description:Handles and helps you effortlessly configure Linux clusters that use Pacemaker, DRBD, KVM, LVM, Heartbeat, XEN or Corosync components
Version:Linux Cluster Management Console 1.7.20
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23.9 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 11
Windows 10 32/64 bit
Updated on:October 26, 2021
Downloaded:1,821 times
Developer:Rasto Levrinc


As the name implies, Linux Cluster Management Console is an application that can be used for configuring and managing Linux clusters or a group of computers or nodes that work together. The utility can be especially useful for administrators who want to create, visualize and manage clusters that include components such as Heartbeat, DRBD, LVM, Corosync, Pacemaker, KVM and XEN.
First off, take note that you need Java installed in order to run the app, but this does not apply for the clusters. According to the developer, depending on the type of clusters that are going to be managed, developers may need to install Perl. The connection between Windows and the clusters is secure and encrypted via SSH.
It is important to note that developers who prefer to use it without DRBD, have to pay some attention during the installation, as they need to click the Skip button here and there. To get started, you can simply run the package or use the java -jar LCMC-1.7.X.jar.
The application comes with vast documentation that explains in detail how to get started with any of the aforementioned types of clusters. In fact, the documentation includes guides and screenshots that display what each button or function does.

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