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LINE for Windows 10 for Windows

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LINE for Windows 10

Description:Keep your family and friends close from the comforts of your computer with the help of this quickly-to-install and user-friendly Windows Store application
Version:LINE for Windows 10
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224.2 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Updated on:September 8, 2021
Downloaded:1,869 times
Developer:LINE Corporation


Since it offers an interesting mix between social, voice and text communication features and support for the most relevant desktop and mobile platforms,
is slowly but surely making a name for itself as being one of the most versatile messaging applications out there.

is a Windows Store app, it can be installed and deployed on your computer with the minimum amount of hassle and without requiring configuration on your part.
This said, simply hit the Install button from the product’s store page and the app should be ready for action in just a couple of seconds, a minute at most.
As you can imagine, upon first launching the app, you are required to log in using your official LINE credentials.
Please note that the app features a two-step verification process for enhanced security that requires you to enter a code in the app from your mobile device or to scan an instantly-generated QR code.
Despite its plethora of features, its user interface is on the simple side of things and manages to look at home on modern iterations of Windows. Regardless of your experience with similar apps, working with LINE should pose absolutely no challenge.
The main interface element is, of course, the left-sided toolbar that makes it very convenient for you to access the self-explanatory Friends, Chats, Add Friends, Timeline and Settings sections.
It should be noted that from the same toolbar, you can also quickly enable or disable alerts.
If most of the sections are quite simplistic, the same cannot be said about the Settings sections. In just a few words, from this section you can tweak the app’s behavior and change relevant privacy, timeline, voice call, chat and notification settings, just to name a few.
To conclude, if you are running Windows 10 or 8.1, then there is no better and more convenient way to install LINE other than from the Windows Store.
The application provides you with a quick and streamlined installation process, a user-friendly interface and all the functionality of the mobile-based version that includes some of the most varied ways of communication with friends and family.
If you are running an older version of Windows or simply do not want to install the Line from the Windows Store, you can try the
simple LINE client
, also listed on Softpedia.

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