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LibreOffice Portable 7.2.0 for Windows

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LibreOffice Portable

Description:Carry your word processing program in your pocket
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Sep 10th, 2021


LibreOffice Portable is an adaptation of the popular office suite LibreOffice that was created for portable devices. This versión of LibreOffice has various tools, including: a word processor named Writer, a spreadsheet program, a math formula editor, a presentation manager, a database manager, and a vector graphics editor.

-Writer: Create word documents and save them in different formats. You can password protect documents and use images, graphs, tables, and even digital signatures.

-Calc: With this spreadsheet program you can create ODS documents in order to open and edit Excel files.

-Impress: You will be able to open and show ODP documents and will be able to open and edit PowerPoint documents (ppt).

-Base: You will be able to create, edit, and manage databases, forms, ad reports. It works with various data programs, such as Access (JET), ODBC and MySQL/PostgreSQL.

-Draw: With this vector graphics editor, which is similar to Microsoft Visio, you will be able create forms with the different styles of lines that facilitate the creation of your graphics. Its characteristics resemble programs such as Scribus and Microsoft Publisher.

-Math: Create and edit math formulas which you can incorporate into other LibreOffice Portable documents. It supports multiple sources.

LibreOffice can also import and export documents from various additional formats such as PDF and HTML, plain text files (.txt), Office Open XML and XML, Microsoft Works or WordPerfect. It can also export documents directly to PDF and SWF.

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