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Libre AV Converter 2.0.20 for Windows

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Libre AV Converter

Description:Use the features offered by FFmpeg, at their full extent, with a GUI application, that allows you to convert, record and stream media files
Version:Libre AV Converter 2.0.20
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19.9 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:April 1, 2021
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Libre AV Converter
is a comprehensive tool that offers a graphic interface for applying the functions featured in the FFmpeg framework. The program is thus capable of decoding, encoding, demuxing, streaming, filtering or playing a large variety of multimedia files, both video and audio.
Aside from packaging the FFmpeg features in a friendly, simple to use interface, Libre AV Converter also supports several other binaries, from external codecs. The software is dedicated to helping you manipulate media files, by recording, editing, converting or broadcasting them. You can import media from local folders or specify the input recording device.
The application is capable of separating the media streams and manage them individually, using the available editing functions. Moreover, you can select from amongst the multitude of supported formats and codecs: AVI, MP3, FLV, 3GP, MTK, WMA, AAC, GIF, DIVX, H.264, WAV and many more.
Libre AV Converter is a versatile tool, allowing you to customize a large part of the input files or recording. You may easily modify each list individually: formats, filters, video/audio codecs or edition profiles.
You may extend the list of the program’s capabilities by specifying command line parameters within its interface. Moreover, you can record video and audio, with the help of local input devices or connect to a network recorder.
The content can be saved to your computer or automatically broadcast to the indicated address. A list of supported devices is available for you to view and search through.
Libre AV Converter can detect media files on the CD drive and automatically extract them, when you select the dedicated option. Once acquired, you can manage them, just as any imported file: set the format, playback parameters, quality options by selecting a configuration from the list. Alternatively, you can create a different string of options, according to your requirements.

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