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If you’re looking for a tool that lets you keep in touch with your coworkers in a way that’s complete, efficient, and productive, then look no further. Lark is a great option for maintaining fluid communication between all the members of your team. This excellent program gives you a work space that you can share with your colleagues, where you can send and receive documents or alerts as easily as possible.

To use Lark, you just have to create a common room and invite all the people who are working on your project or join one that your company has already created. To do this, you just need an invitation in the form of a URL that can be sent via email or text message. The great thing about this program is that it’s a multiplatform tool so it can be used on Mac, Windows, or Android.

Once you’re in the room, you can send your coworkers all sorts of documents with just a click. You can also mention them in your messages, add emojis, forward messages, respond directly to people, save members as favorites, and even mark them as important. Thanks to all these features, you can write or talk about a topic or specific message and keep your conversation perfectly clear and organized, so everyone knows what the topic of conversation is.

Furthermore, Lark lets you hold video conferences to make communicating even easier. In these, you can share your camera or your screen with the rest of the members to clearly share your presentation or ideas. Within each room, you can mute your sound, add your video, or chat with the rest of the people.

Another feature Lark offers is a calendar where you can add everything you have to do and share important events with your team. Check what each person has to do and share documents of any size with a single click. Manage your team in your personal work space and keep track of any important aspect of your day in the most convenient way possible.

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