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Kryo 5.2.0 for Windows

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Description:Object graph serialization framework for Java, designed to provide users with a quick, efficient and intuitive API for their projects
Version:Kryo 5.2.0
File size:
2.2 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:July 31, 2021
Downloaded:1,216 times
License:BSD License
Developer:Nathan Sweet


is an open-source serialization framework for Java, which can prove useful whenever objects need to be persisted, whether to a file, database or over a network. Additionally, it can perform automatic deep and shallow copying and cloning. From the ground up, Kryo was designed to serve as a user-friendly, fast and efficient API.
When it comes to versioning, the library increases the major version if serialization compatibility is broken, and the minor version if binary or source compatibility of the public API is broken.
For developers who are just getting started, you can find installation instructions on the project’s GitHub page, whether you are planning to use Kryo with or without Maven. A code sample is available to show you how the library is used in various projects.
As a serialization framework, Kryo does not enforce a schema or manage the type of data that is being read or written. These aspects are left to the serializers themselves, which can be replaced if they are not suitable for your particular needs.
For more in-depth information, you should definitely consult the detailed
user guide
, as explanations are provided for every aspect of the library’s functionality, along with examples that will prove helpful.

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