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Knightmare Remake for Windows

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Knightmare Remake

Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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Knightmare Remake is, as the name states, a remake of the classic game from 1986 developed by Konami. Players control the knight Popolon and try to rescue Afrodite from the claws of Knightmare, prince of darkness.

The gameplay of Knightmare Remake is very similar to the more popular (though equally old) Gunsmoke: players control the main character, who, situated at the bottom of the screen, advances automatically in any direction. You need to dodge all enemy attacks and, at the same time, launch your own attacks against them.

As you go through the game’s different settings, you can pick up various weapons and enhancers. Popolon’s default weapon is a bow and arrows, which don’t do a great deal of damage nor are able to be fired in quick succession. But you can pick up weapons like swords, magic bows, and fire balls. Other enhancers will even let you freeze time for several seconds.

Knightmare Remake retains the addictive, old-school gameplay of the classic Konami game from 1986, but adds new and delightful graphics. It’s the perfect combination.

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