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King Kong for Windows

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King Kong

Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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When you start playing, you are in Skull Island, and you must explore to escape.

During the game you will play two rolls and two kinds of game, primarily a first-person shooter played as Jack (75% approx) and a third-person perspective as Kong (the other 25%), you’ll hunt dinosaurs, solve physical puzzles based on fire and teamwork, and wrestle with dinosaurs inthis fantastic game.

King Kong is a viscerally striking game that distracts you and surprises your senses with audio intensive events unlike any game before it.

The different environments in the game are very detailed, even the smallest details. The geometry is impressive with a lot going on at any given time. The jungle has a very atmospheric feel and the most important, it’s really fast when playing, It wiil be one of the best games this Christmas.

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