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Kindle for Mac 1.30 for MAC

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App Name

Kindle for Mac

Description:Read Amazon Kindle books on your Mac
Operating System:MacOS
Added date:Oct 27th, 2020


The use of eBook readers is something more and more common among readers. We’ll see how after Christmas, eBooks are going to be everywhere, because they are getting cheaper.

However, they are still abit expensive and a lot of users can’t afford it. That’s why we can use Amazon Kindle for Mac, a program that let us read the eBooks we buy for the Amazon Kindle device even if we don’t own it.

The program synchronizes with your Amazon account and download those books you have already bought. Once the book is downloaded you can read it and use marks and notes as if you were using the real Amazon Kindle.

Kindle for Mac can be synchronized with your Amazon Kindle device too and share notes and marks, so you can read the book either on the Mac and the portable device.

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