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Karaoke 1.25 for Android

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Description:Put your music knowledge and your singing talent to the test
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Sep 1st, 2021


Karaoke is a fun game that puts your music knowledge and your singing talent to the test. You get all of this through a competition-style interface that perfectly adapts this content to the dynamics of Android games.

The way Karaoke works is like this: when you open the app, you can access the music contest, which is divided into levels. In each level, you will have to solve a kind of situation that is related to music. So, there will be levels where, through a series of emojis, you will have to guess what the song is, others where you will have to correctly guess how the lyrics of a song will go, and others where your goal is to name the artist of a song, etc.

You get a score for each level you pass. In the higher levels, you will have to sing yourself, trying to get the melody of the sons (just like in games like SingStar).

Karaoke is the perfect game for music lovers who not only enjoy getting to know their favorite artists’ work but also love singing their songs. Put your music knowledge and your singing abilities to the test with Karaoke.

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