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Kaidee 15.1.0 for Android

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Description:Buy and sell on the best online marketplace in Thailand
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 19th, 2021
Author:DF Marketplace Limited


Kaidee is the official app for this popular Thai marketplace where you can buy and sell all kinds of items. This app improves upon the website by helping you navigate everything more quickly and easily.

From the main page on Kaidee, you can see the most popular items from the past few days, as well as trending categories. The app is perfectly adapted to touch screens, so you can easily access the most important sections with the buttons on the bottom.

Not only can you buy and sell all kinds of products, but you can also read about interesting news items or log in for more options, like monitoring the products you want, the ones you’ve bought, and marking items as favorites. You can also chat live with other people who use Kaidee to make communication as easy as possible.

Kaidee is a must-have app for buying and selling items in Thailand. It’s similar to eBay and other popular portals, only it’s based in Thailand.

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