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K-pop Star♡ 8.1.0 for Android

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App Name

K-pop Star♡

Description:Check in on your favorite K-POP star’s ranking
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 30th, 2021


K-pop Star is an app that helps you keep a close watch how your favorite Korean idols are ranking. But that’s not all. It also lets you participate in voting. In fact, you’re allotted a maximum of 100 stars to allocate to any K-POP idol at your own discretion. You can also post on the profile for each idol as well as volunteer to moderate other users’ posts for your favorite idols. In order to do the latter, however, you’re going to need to choose which of all the idols is your ‘star’. From then on, whenever you see a post that you think is inappropriate on your ‘star”s profile, you get to step in to protect their reputation by reporting it to the app so they’ll take it down.

K-pop Star is a fun app. But, obviously only true K-POP fans will really enjoy it. If you like BTS, EXO and other similar K-POP groups, don’t think twice — you’ll love this app. Follow along on all the latest K-POP idol stories, get updated on real-time official idol news and enjoy hundreds of posts on all things K-POP.

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