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JudoShiai 3.1 / 3.0 for XP for Windows

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Description:Easily organize Judo tournaments by filling a database with competitors information and other details, edit and review properties, as well as print data for closer inspection
Version:JudoShiai 3.1 / 3.0 for XP
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57.5 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
Windows Vista 32/64 bit
Windows XP 32/64 bit
Updated on:August 18, 2021
Downloaded:6,038 times
Developer:Hannu Jokinen


is a complex software application designed to help you manage a Judo tournament. Although it is wrapped in an outdated interface, the tool features several handy options and configuration settings.
The main application window has a plain and simple structure that allows you to start a new tournament by specifying its name and saving directory. There are numerous properties that can be filled out, such as date, place, start time, number of tatamis, whether a medal will be awarded only of a contest was won or not, and so on.
It is possible to add multiple competitors to the list by indicating their first and last name, year of birth, grade, club, country, category, weight, seeding, ID, coach ID, gender, comment, and others. This information can be printed for closer examination.
Furthermore, you can create multiple categories and draw all of them, view and copy results, use a simple search function to locate a particular competitor, import contestant information from an external file, as well as validate the database and back up tournament properties to file.
As far as app customization is concerned, you can show attached connections, switch to another UI language to display results, change the club text and sheet layout, encrypt the database with a password to prevent other users from accessing tournament information, and more.
We have not come across any stability issues in our tests, thanks to the fact that JudoShiai did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. It has a good response time and runs on low CPU and RAM, so it shouldn’t affect the overall performance of the machine.
Although it’s not much to look at, JudoShiai comes loaded with a surprisingly rich set of features and customization preferences for creating and organizing Judo tournaments.

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