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JSONedit 0.9.38 for Windows

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Description:You can easily create, parse and validate JSON scripts, as well as callback JSON source codes from the specified URL, with this tool
Version:JSONedit 0.9.38
File size:
1.2 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Updated on:October 12, 2021
Downloaded:12,192 times
Developer:Tomasz Ostrowski


is a reliable application that enables you to write or modify JSON scripts, as well as to parse and validate the source code. The program is simple to use, features a comprehensive text editing tab and can instantly parse the code when you switch to the Tree tab to view the nodes.
JSONedit supports syntax highlighting and features text editing tools, such as find fragments of code. Cut, copy and paste commands can be accessed through the classic keyboard shortcuts. You can easily load JSON files or import data from CSV documents and open GET parameters from the specified URL.
You can select the Open HTTP option in the File menu, enter the URL and fetch the source code outside of curly braces. Moreover, you can enter additional keys and values, which are not URL-encoded.
The Tree tab allows you to view your script as a node structure and can filter the data by node type. You can view null nodes, integer, float point, string, boolean, array and object.
Reformatting the code, viewing node statistics (in the Tree tab), validating text (only available for the Text tab) and generating C++ classes are additional functions of JSONedit.
The program parses the text before performing any of the specified functions and the task stops if any errors occur.
The program allows you to save the current project to your computer as a JSON file or as a plain text document.
JSONedit is designed to help you generate JSON-based applications, functions or simply edit source code. An advantage of this program is that it does not require installation, it is lightweight and can be run from any folder, including a removable drive. Moreover, the nodes can be highlighted with selected colors, in the Tree view.

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