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Jovial Menu 2.3.1 for Windows

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Jovial Menu

Description:Launch programs, create files and access various locations by relying on this application that allows you to customize its components to their finest detail
Version:Jovial Menu 2.3.1
File size:
63 KB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 11
Windows 10 32/64 bit
Updated on:October 18, 2021
Downloaded:282 times


If you are spending large amounts of time working at your computer, you probably understand the importance of an efficient launcher that allows you to quickly access your favorite content.
Fortunately, nowadays there is an abundance of dedicated software solutions that can help you simplify your work by enabling you with efficient shortcuts to various items. One of the aforementioned applications is
Jovial Menu
Please be aware that
.NET Framework
is required so that this application can be operated as intended.
This application allows you to access various items, whether local or online, in an easy, efficient manner. It comes with a simplistic layout that can be easily tweaked so that it better suits your preferences.
Customizing the interface can be done by editing the corresponding INI file, according to the helpful tips enclosed inside the document. Thus, it is possible that you can add new programs, web addresses or new document creation handles to the menu.
Additionally, you can create new category folders and use them to better organize your items by editing the same INI file you use to add new programs to the list. Creating a folder can be done by typing the desired name between brackets.
Typing three hyphens between brackets saves the corresponding item in the root location of your menu, under no category menu. This might come in handy for frequently accessed programs, websites or items that do not fit under any category.
This application rarely interferes with any of your active applications, as it discreetly runs in your system tray and accessing its interface can be done exclusively by right-clicking its icon. Unfortunately, it does not feature hotkey support that might provide you with higher overall accessibility.
As a conclusion, Jovial Menu is a lightweight application that allows you to access various items and locations, local or online, in an easy, convenient manner. It comes with a lightweight interface that allows you to customize its components in an intuitive manner.

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