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Operating System:MacOS
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Isoplex is a great way to enjoy a large catalogue of films, including those still showing in theaters as well as great classics or others that are not so well-known or are no longer in circulation. From the creators of Isohunt, this app is similar to others like Popcorn Time.

Unlike similar apps, though, Isoplex can index several versions of the same movie, including rips and those filmed directly from a projector screen.

For that reason, Isoplex doesn’t always guarantee good video and sound quality, but you’ll still be able to enjoy the movie if you aren’t too concerned about the resolution. To get the film you’re looking for, you just have to type in the name or filter by category, year of release, or genre.

Isoplex also lets you view a synopsis of the film, or the trailer if it’s available. The main drawback is that the app is still in the development phase, although it’s to be expected that later updates will probably improve usability and add new content.

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