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Islamic Guide Pro 3.0.3 for Android

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App Name

Islamic Guide Pro

Description:The perfect app for keeping track of prayer times
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 23th, 2021
Author:Funzoft Solution


Islamic Guide Pro is an app that’s geared toward the Muslim community throughout the world. It’s meant to help you keep track of the exact prayer times, in addition to accessing the Quran and all its verses so that all you need is your smartphone or tablet to help you fulfill your duties.

This app is divided into various windows that hold all the tools you need for your daily prayers. Firstly, in the upper part of the screen, you can see how much time you have before the next daily prayer. See exactly how many minutes until the Dhuhr, the Asr, Maghrib, Isha’a, Fajr, and Sunrise depending on your location. It doesn’t matter what country or city you’re in, Islamic Guide Pro will calculate the exact time for you to start praying.

In addition, with Islamic Guide Pro, you have access to all the verses that make up the Quran, and you can listen to a narrator read any one you choose. Also, you can add notes to each one or add them to your favorites.

In Islamic Guide Pro, you’ll also find a compass to point you in the direction of Mecca, a calendar to remind you of important Islamic dates, and an assortment of other tools to use, although you’ll have to pay to use them all.

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