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iPi Mocap Studio for Windows

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iPi Mocap Studio

Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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iPi Mocap Studio is a specialist tool designed to help in video game design that allows users to use motion capture techniques in an everyday environment such as a home or office.

iPi Mocap Studio gives you the ability to transform motion captured by a camera into 3D character animations, which can then be exported in some of the most popular formats such as FBX, BVH, and COLLADA.

To use iPi Mocap Studio, you’ll need at least one or two Kinects (the Microsoft device originally designed for Xbox 360), or between 3 and 4 PS Eye cameras, the devices created by Sony for Playstation 3. Once you have all that equipment, you can start working on your own computer.

Some of the game creation programs with which iPi Mocap Studio is fully compatible include: Valve’s Source engine and its Film Maker application, Unreal Engine, Unity, Autodesk 3DS Max, Maya, CINEMA 4D, Lightwave, Poser, Blender… and many others.

The idea behind iPi Mocap Studio is for any user to be able to access ‘motion capture’ technology with no need for sets or specially-designed scenes and matching outfits. Instead, all that’s needed is a relatively large space, some home equipment, and a little motivation.

iPi Mocap Studio is an ideal tool for indie game developers looking to experiment with something new. Some the results achieved with this app are genuinely surprising; it has very little to envy the best work of some of the big releases.

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