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Infinite Monkeys 1.00 for Windows

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Infinite Monkeys

Description:This application is a monkey-typing simulation created to test disk fragmentation and also for the sake and fun of it, being both cool and useful at the same time
Version:Infinite Monkeys 1.00
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167 KB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:October 8, 2021
Downloaded:3,319 times
Developer:Joseph Cox


Infinite Monkeys
sounds bananas if you come to think of it. In fact, it really is. This tiny application, although sounding funny, does have its purpose. For those individuals who are very careful with their machine’s maintenance, this app is a great way to check disk fragmentation by allowing imaginary monkeys to type random characters and create files that are stored on your drive.
Aside from the fact that there is some usefulness attached to this app, the amount of detail for such a small program is intriguing. The monkeys, depending on the number you’ve chosen to hire, have their very own names. Yes, these are random, but it’s funny when you think that there might be a virtual animal typing random stuff for you. You can also check the progress on their written files, as well as each monkey’s current status. Is it mashing the buttons, or is it waiting for new instructions?
You should change the output directory for the created files before anything else. If testing the fragmentation level, make sure the chosen directory lies on the tested area of your HDD or SSD. Do make sure to adjust the number of monkeys you want on the job, as well as the number of files assigned to each. Decide on the size of each particular file. Don’t forget to hit the save button in order to have your army of animals ready for a typing session.
The bottom line with this app is it is more fun than useful. Still, if you’d like to make sure your fragmentation levels are ok, this app is definitely the way to go. It’s got humor and uniqueness written all over it. It is also efficient at what it does, which makes it a good choice.

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