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These days you’re probably sick of all the memes everywhere. Okay, maybe not sick, but still a bit oversaturated from seeing them on practically every website you visit. But since everyone’s doing it, why not add your two cents and create your own? And for that, right on cue, there’s iMeme.

The program is über-simple. In the right hand column you’ll find a huge list of more than 50 templates with the most popular memes (Y U NO, Bear Grylls, Chemistry Cat, Filosoraptor, etc.) and on the right you’ll see the picture and two text boxes for inserting the upper and the lower lines.

Once you’ve finished creating your meme, you can save it to your hard drive in PNG format, or upload it directly to imgur or reddit.

iMeme might seem like a useless application to some people, but those who know how to appreciate it will find an authentic gold mine and source of endless fun.

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