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Image Viewer Software 2021.2 for Windows

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Image Viewer Software

Description:A simple image viewer that supports opening several formats of pictures, even those with a high bit depth and special color types
Version:Image Viewer Software 2021.2
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2.9 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Updated on:April 26, 2021
Downloaded:1,006 times
Developer:Thomas Bonner


Image Viewer Software
is an easy to use application that allows you to open a large series of picture formats and offers advanced support for images with deep color schemes or high bit depth. Moreover, the program offers a few tools for minor picture adjustments, such as rotation, contrast or brightness.
Image Viewer Software offers support for opening a large variety of image types, starting with many formats and ending with high bit depths. Many of the common picture viewers cannot open images with a color depth that is larger than 8 bits. Therefore, you require complex software to only preview these images.
Image Viewer Software is capable of opening many types of images and allows you to easily switch between the color support options: HEX or IMG. You can also set the option to Auto, so the program can render the image in the most suitable way.
Image Viewer Software allows you to apply minor image adjustments, such as rotate it or change the contrast and brightness. The adjustments are for viewing purposes only, since the application cannot save the modified image. You can use the “c”, “C”, “b” and “B” buttons in order to control the color contrast, respectively the image brightness. The small case letter indicates a decrease, while the upper case – an increase in contrast or brightness.
Moreover, you can zoom in or out on the image then use the arrows to pan up, down, left or right. You may temporarily resize the image, by dragging the edge of Image Viewer Software’s window.
Not only can Image Viewer Software open photos, but it also allows you to view the next/previous picture in the source folder, without restarting the program. You may use the dedicated buttons in order to move to the next or the previous picture in the list. The ribbon at the bottom of the window indicates the original picture size, in pixels and the current zoom percentage.

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