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iDrive for MAC

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Description:Save a backup of your files in the cloud
Operating System:MacOS
Added date:Aug 31rd, 2021
Author:Pro Softnet Corporation


iDrive is a backup application that offers up to 2 GB of free online virtual storage that can be upgraded to 150 GB by paying a monthly fee of five dollars.

To optimize storage space and bandwidth usage, iDrive generates incremental backups including only the files that were modified since the last backup process. These incremental files are compressed for the same purpose.

Backups are completed on a scheduled basis according to your specifications. The folders saved by default by iDrive are: desktop, documents, downloads, music and pictures.

If your concern is safety, you should know that iDrive encodes the connection through 128-bit SSL. On top of that, iDrive includes many other interesting features such as:

– The possibility of limiting the software’s bandwidth usage

– Automatic system shutdown once backup is finished

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