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ID3 Editor

ID3 Editor

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ID3 Editor

Description:Create or edit MP3 tag information.

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Operating System:MacOS
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Author / Developer:Developer website
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ID3 Editor is a small and simple MP3 tag editor, which offers the ability to edit the most wanted attributes of the ID3 tags in one window. Although iTunes offers a good interface for editing tags, it does have a few important attributes missing, e.g. ‘copyright’ and ‘encoded by’ which is where ID3 Editor saves the day.

MP3 ID3 tags are used to store important information of a music track, such as the track ‘title’, track ‘number’, ‘artist’, ‘album’ etc. The information can then be displayed in your favorite MP3 player application or on your portable player such as an iPod, a Walkman or other music hardware.


Creates or updates ID3 version 1(.1) and 2(.2/.3) tags.
Simple to use.
Easily copies and pastes all the tag information.
Adds artwork such as album covers.
Adds song lyrics.
Edits multiple tracks.
Cleans version 2 tags by removing invalid and unused tag information.
Option to remove V1 and V2 tags.
Can change the title and track number based on the file name.
Can rename the track file based on the track and title.
Ideal for podcasters who need to add information such as copyright.
No bloat, just small and simple.

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