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iCalculator 2.0 for Windows

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Description:A highly useful calculator app that also looks modern and can be used for all sorts of difficult calculations that might frustrate and steal your time for no particular reason
Version:iCalculator 2.0
File name:iSetup.exe
File size:
889 KB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:September 20, 2021
Downloaded:1,729 times
Developer:JC Vela


is, just like the name implies, a simple calculator application that is both stylish and useful. You have advanced features within the Scientific Mode and some simpler options in the Standard iteration of this app. Regardless, whatever you’re looking for, advanced or rather simple, this program can help you with it, giving you a simple companion for those difficult calculations you’re always dealing with.
These applications don’t really concentrate on looks, usually. Still, this is not the case with iCalculator, an application with a pretty interface that seems to try to emulate the looks of a physical calculator. It gives it a sense of realism, something that most users might not notice because its functions are much more important. This is not to say that the program does not include useful features. On the contrary, it seems to merge both areas quite well, offering a product that is both modern and also highly useful.
All the buttons and functions are neatly positioned, as you’d expect. Color coding some of the buttons can also be of great help when you’re in a hurry. Make sure you know exactly what mode you’re using by checking the top-right corner of the app. Needless to say, this app won’t take much of your machine’s resources.

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