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HyperNext Studio 4.1 Build 132 for Windows

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HyperNext Studio

Description:Visual software creation system that includes the possibility to add plug-in to the resulting application in order to increase its functionality
Version:HyperNext Studio 4.1 Build 132
File name:SetupHyperNextFull.exe
File size:
67.1 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:December 1, 2021
Downloaded:8,545 times
Developer:TigaByte Software


HyperNext Studio
has been created as a simple alternative for starting software developers to create applications. It is a visual software creation system that consists of three components: Creator, Developer and Player.
Getting the tool on the system is a simple job that can be completed by any type of user, regardless of their computer skills. The developer informs that the suite works best if Apple’s
player is present on the system.
The Creator component present in the package allows building up the software by adding visual elements to the interface as well as creating scripts that can be associated with the objects.
The Developer module permits the building libraries or plug-ins for the Creator. These utilities are designed to provide extra functionality to the final result. Building plug-ins is not a task for the beginner user as intermediate to advanced programming skills are required for the job.
HyperNext Player is the third component in the package and its purpose is to run stacks built in the Creator. It can be accessed by simply opening the project file.
HyperNext Studio may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but the suite includes sufficient documentation to get you going.
However, at least some basic programming skills are required in order to come up with a functional application.
The bundle proposes an easier approach to building software, one that is more suitable for beginners. It also makes available information about how each component can be used; but it’s been some time since the last update and currently there are better models available.

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