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HyperCam for Windows

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Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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HyperCam is a very practical tool for professors or other users that spend a long time working on help manuals for certain programs. It’ll help you easily capture all the activity on your screen for any given process that you wish to record.

If you’re looking for a simple way to teach others how to do a specific task through an easy step-by-step tutorial, this app is very useful. Right from the start it’ll capture and record anything that happens on your screen and save it in AVI video format.

Not only does it allows you to capture the entire screen, but it also lets you select and crop any specific area on screen for you to save.

HyperCam has a fair number of settings options, it even comes with the option to pick a Codec for the final AVI file that’s generated.

You’ll also get to add a specific number to each recording, as well as modify the sound quality for your video or set up hotkeys for using the program itself, and much more.

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